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Luxury Watches in Spain

For centuries before the launch of smartphones and other gadgets, watches were highly practical and efficient as a mechanical time-telling tool. But over time, they evolved to be so much more than a device to tell time. Today, luxury watches are glamorous accessories, a status symbol, expensive projections of accomplishments and identities, and many times, passed down generations as heirlooms, too.

At Gold Touch, we bring you some of the best luxury watch brands to reinvent your style statement. We’re a chain of boutique stores in Fuerteventura, a part of Spain’s Canary Islands since 1993. At Gold Touch, you can shop for luxury watches for men, luxury watches for women and the finest time-telling devices that offer so much more than function.

A Luxurious Obsession in the History of Time
Humanity has been obsessed with time – ever since we know, probably thousands of years or more. Even the earliest cultures centred their customs and lives on seasonal changes and the movement of the sun and the moon. While the Egyptians were pioneers of time with many innovations, the Greeks and Romans further refined the sundial. It was in 1510 that the first watch was invented, and the rest is history!

But it was the industrial revolution that brought precision timekeeping into the limelight. In the time-driven society, arriving on time gives the impression that you were wealthy and knowledgeable to know what time it is. On the contrary, arriving late was considered rude.

In the American Civil War, mass-produced watches were inexpensive and accessible to all. But they caused the sales of Swiss watches to plummet. During this time, Swiss watchmakers decided they wouldn’t follow the world into mass production. Instead, they focused on precision watchmaking, opulent timepieces and the highest levels of luxury.

Did you know by 1900, Rolex, a renowned Swiss watchmaker, was exporting 7 million timepieces a year? It was a sign that the Swiss strategy worked!

The Rise of Wristwatches

At Gold Touch, we’re amazed by the high demand for luxury watches for men and women. Today, a luxury timepiece is a blissful union of high fashion and obsessive precision. Take any luxury brand, for instance – TAG Heuer, Omega, Breitling, Longines, or Hublot – every brand focuses on their precisive timekeeping legacy and brings a sense of fashion and sophistication that’s second to none.

Gold Touch is an authorized retailer with a wide range of luxury watch brands in Spain, and we bring you the most authentic watches for women and men. You’ll find the most exquisite brands like Bell & Ross, Oris, Rado, Tissot and Ebel on our website, and we ship all over Spain, including Barcelona and Madrid. Our luxury watches for men are a testimony to the classic timekeeping passion of Swiss watchmakers and the contemporary style that every brand brings for its evolving customers.
We have some of the world’s best selling watches on the website like the Omega Seamaster, Longines Equestrian, Tissot Carson Premium, Bell & Ross BR Blue Steel, and Omega De Ville Ladymatic. Every watch is a celebration of accuracy, precision and movement along with power, confidence and charm.

When you buy luxury watches in Spain, you don’t just buy a time-telling device, but a sign of success and achievements. You invest in time and your future, making an asset you’ll adorn for years together. At Gold Touch, we’re happy to bring you prized possessions from the most renowned global brands and welcome you to make time for things that matter.

Shop for the top branded watches in Spain at Gold Touch and flaunt your success story to the world. Some of our most loved brands include Maurice Lacroix, Raymond Weil, Omega, TAG Heuer, and Rado.

If you’re looking for the most coveted styles and clever designs in luxury watches, let Gold Touch be your one-stop destination. Every watch we sell is authentic and stands true to the test of time. Shop for fine Swiss luxury watches that have been on the moon, in the Olympics, and on the most renowned global celebrities.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking for any particular model of luxury swiss watches, and we’ll be happy to help you with your requirements. So, enjoy the gift of time, with some luxury, opulence and richness by your side!