GOLD TOUCH is firmly committed to regulatory compliance, following a strong ethics framework formalized in our Ethical Code and Compliance Management System (CMS). Our organization strives to enhance ethical culture and promote good governance, while simultaneously preventing and condemning any anomalous behavior that does not comply with applicable regulations. The objectives of our CMS include:

Establishing solid foundations for exercising adequate control over our activities, complying with requirements outlined in the Penal Code and whistleblower protection regulations, as well as in the fight against corruption.

Ensuring the effectiveness of control standards and procedures to prevent and, if necessary, suppress the commission of illicit practices within our organization.

Formalizing a zero-tolerance policy towards any criminal activity.

All members of GOLD TOUCH have an obligation to strictly adhere to the regulations, our Ethical Code, and all Internal Policies. Additionally, they must actively collaborate to prevent and detect possible irregular or illicit conduct within the organization.

To fulfill this duty, GOLD TOUCH has established tools and oversight bodies within our CMS:

We define our CMS with the purpose of ensuring that all members, collaborators, and members of the administrative bodies embrace the values and principles of our Ethical Code and Conduct. We aim to establish a culture of respect for corporate policies and compliance with regulations as an unavoidable individual responsibility.

The Compliance Unit (UCN), appointed by the Governing Body, has responsibilities in the field of Compliance at GOLD TOUCH. Its duties include promoting a preventive culture, ensuring the implementation of the Code and the CMS in all areas of the organization, interpreting the Code and CMS, and assessing the degree of compliance to prevent crimes and infractions.

Our Ethics Channel is a confidential tool that allows the reporting of alleged illicit conduct within its scope. This channel is not a mailbox for requests, complaints, or suggestions outside the scope of regulatory compliance. GOLD TOUCH trusts that this channel will always be used in good faith and prohibits any retaliation against those who raise legitimate communications. The management of all reports is governed by principles of confidentiality, protection of personal data, information security, and presumption of innocence of the accused. You can access the Ethics Channel through the following link: