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As the 15th most recognizable Swiss watch brand globally, Breitling watches have gained immense appreciation in the international luxury market. Ever since its inception in 1884 by Léon Breitling, Breitling watches have been known for the precision-made chronometers specifically designed for aviators. They have built a reputation for offering highly professional watches designed for aeronauts like pilots, military personnel, astronauts, search and rescue operations and more.

Breitling Watches for Men

If you’re looking for Breitling watches for men, you’ll find an incredible range at Gold Touch that redefines performance, action and style. The Superocean Heritage is one of the top-selling models, known to be the classic dive watch. While it was developed for professional and military divers, it has now evolved into a luxury watch for leisure divers and watch connoisseurs.  A few other premier ranges include the Avenger 8, Aviator, Navitimer, Chronomat, Professional Galactic and Premier.

Over the years, several celebrity men have flaunted a Breitling watch, including John Travolta, Brad Pitt, Gordan Ramsey, Tom Cruise, Dave Chapelle, Simon Cowell, Miles Davis, and Tommy Lee Jones.

Breitling Watches for Women

Every Breitling watch for women makes a statement of elegance and determination. The brand has created some exquisite watches that you can find on Gold Touch at the best prices.

The women’s watches are a perfect blend of stylish and sporty to complement the modern active lifestyle. There’s a lot of variety in case metals, dial designs, and diamond-paved bezels to make every woman stand out and exude a bold statement wherever she goes!

The finest Breitling watches for women include the Chronomat, Professional, Premier, Navitimer and Galactic. There are also exclusive gold watches with ample versatility to match your personality and style.

Time to Make History 

Breitling watches promote the iconic B logo with wings that is closely associated with the world of aviation. The most popular models of Breitling over the years include the Chronomat and Navitimer. In 1984, Breitling’s centenary celebrations were adorned with the launch of the Chronomat, the world’s most iconic Chronograph. The brand invented the Chronograph and was the first company to put Chronograph into a wristwatch along with easy-to-use functionality. In 1985, Breitling launched the Aerospace, a digital Chronograph with new features and tools, making it even more popular among global pilots. Did you know that Breitling made the first-ever Chronograph to go into space? The company even added a 24-hour dial to help the astronauts distinguish between day and night.

Another iconic timepiece, the Navitimer, was launched in 1952, which could handle all the calculations required to fly an airplane. This model also significantly contributed to the brand’s reputation for aviation.

Shining Bright in Present Time 

With centuries of expertise and excellence behind them, Breitling is now at the forefront of luxury watches for men and women. Unlike other luxury brands that have diversified into many different product ranges and accessories, Breitling has stuck to making high-end watches ever since its inception.

The rich history of innovation and evolvement gives the brand an edge in the luxury watch market. After establishing itself as the ultimate pilot’s watch brand, the company has rapidly taken over as one of the most desired brands for men and women in many other professions. Today, the brand is also known for oversized watches that make a striking impression in every room. Whether you’re looking for Breitling watches for men or Breitling watches for women, there’s an extensive range of collections for every desire and aspiration.

James Bond also wore a Breitling in the movie Fireball, increasing the brand’s popularity and making it shine on the big screen, too. Sean Connery flaunted the Breitling Top Time Chronograph, the only time James Bond wore a Breitling, yet one of the most remarkable moments for the brand.

Time for an Innovative Future

Moving forward, there’s much more than Breitling watches for men and Breitling watches for women that the brand is focusing on. They are now promoting change, diversity and innovation with their Spotlight Squad that includes Charlize Theron, Misty Copeland, and Yao Chen – talented and fierce philanthropists and performers ready to empower others. In addition, the brand’s goodwill missions continue to change the lives of many every single day.

Fun Fact – The Emergency wristwatch introduced by Breitling in 1995 has saved over a dozen lives in the past and is a popular tool for adventurers who are looking for a device that makes a real difference.

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