“Thanks to the grant awarded, Joyería Khrist S.L. has managed to reactivate following the COVID-19 pandemic. This grant has been co-financed with European FEDER funds. With the execution of the project, Joyería Khrist S.L. has achieved the following results:

Improvement in product display and organization, which has facilitated interaction with customers and generated an increase in sales.

Renovation of the store’s image, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Improvement in company efficiency: Space and internal processes have been optimized, allowing for faster customer service and increased sales.

Expansion of the product catalog with the addition of sunglasses, diversifying the offer and attracting a broader audience.

Digitalization and innovation: The project has been part of a broader process of digitalization and innovation within the company, allowing Joyería Khrist S.L. to adapt to new market trends and improve its competitiveness in the jewelry sector.”